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Bookly Calendar Widget

Bookly Calendar Widget

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The Bookly widget easily allows you to accept bookings on your own website while seamlessly integrating with your other booking platforms.

Empowering Hosts & Providing the Optimal Guest Experience.

Bookly is an intuitive, user-friendly subscription-based Calendar Booking Widget that is designed to deliver you full control, freedom, and security over your rental properties and booking process.

In a digital culture where consumers expect instant gratification, the ability to easily check availability and make reservations online has become a necessity.

Bookly is a game-changer for your rental business that allows seamless calendar checks and booking of rental properties providing an unparalleled booking experience for your guests.

  • Increase your revenue and own your customers!
  • Simple intuitive design for both you and your guests.
  • Independence... create & track meaningful advertising!
  • Your data is yours... US based servers and company.
  • Responsive human support and step-by-step guides.
  • Increase occupancy w/ visible pricing & discounts!

Scroll down to see all of the benefits!

Bookly's Risk Free Trail

  • You have 30 days to try Bookly Risk Free!  If you don't like it just cancel prior to the end of your trial period and you won't be billed! 

Additional Costs

  • Shopify Plan (starts at $1 for the first months then $29/month)
  • Google Maps API (charges vary based on use but are usually less that $1/month)
  • URL through Name's Cheap (unless you already have one) Usually $12-20 / year

Key Features

  1. Grow Your Business: This is what it's all about. With your own website and the ability to accept bookings directly your own your customers! This means you can market to acquire new customers and offer past guests discounts to stay with you again. Turning your rental into a true business with increasing value and security!
  2. Increase occupancy: Visible day by day pricing shows potential guests discounts and promotions to help you fill your calendar & increase your profits!
  3. Freedom & Control: With seamless advertising deployment and performance monitoring. Bookly is built to allow you (via pixels) to track and analyze your advertising efforts and facilitate the optimization of your marketing initiatives automatically. We will also show you how to set these up!
  4. Your data is yours! It's sad I even have to say this. You pay us so your data is not our product. We use US based servers and are a US based company. We take your security and trust very seriously and make every effort to protect you, the system, & any data.
  5. Effortless Connection: Bookly, effortlessly connects with other booking platforms and integrates with Shopify (Coming Soon to other leading website builders).  
  6. User-Friendly Interface: We value simplicity. Our widget is designed with an intuitive interface that allows guests to browse available dates, select their desired stay, and complete the booking process with just a few clicks. We also make it easy for you to setup and control your listings.
  7. Say goodbye to confusion & worries about double bookings: Real-Time Presentation of Bookings and Property Openings with active calendar syncing (vs passive syncing) says goodbye to double bookings and confusion. With Bookly, guests can instantly view real-time availability for your rental properties, ensuring accurate booking choices. Your inventory is always accurate. 
  8. Know your bill: Simplified Flat-Based Pricing. We hate commissions & percentage fees too.  With our subscription-based flat pricing model starting at $30, you are charged on a monthly or annual basis. Eliminate surprises & make budgeting and financial planning a breeze. *Volume Discounts Are Automatically Applied* and start with your second subscription!  Click here to learn more.
  9. Make better decisions: Gain valuable insights into your rental business's performance with detailed analytics, helping you make data-driven decisions.  You can also do A/B testing now that you have your own website!
  10. Get Quick Resolutions: With our responsive human support our dedicated support team will assist you with any questions or issues, ensuring you have a smooth experience.  Or use our step-by-step guides if that is your preference!
  11. Full Control & Flexibility: You now have complete autonomy over your booking processes, policies, & guest interactions. Set specific rules for booking windows, such as turn over time. You're in charge, you can make it happen.
  12. Sell upgrades & add-ons: COMING SOON you will be able to easily offer additional items to your guests during the booking process.
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Your properties, your rules, your success!

The vacation rental industry has witnessed significant growth over the past decade, thanks in large part to platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and

While these website platforms have provided rental property owners with a way to connect with travelers and manage bookings, they present substantial challenges and limitations to hosts- such as the absence of control, increased competition, and a lack of data ownership. 

Why did we build bookly? Click the button below!

We Live in a Data-Driven World.

Why are data analytics, reporting and insights key features and functionalities of Bookly’s Calendar Widget, and Website Template?

Data analytics, pixels, and website tracking offer a powerful trifecta of benefits for your rental property business. By tracking and monitoring the behavior of your guests and website traffic, you as a host will gain valuable insights that can increase your revenue and improve your overall business operations.

This powerful information allows you to uncover trends, identify customer preferences, and make data- driven decisions, ultimately improving efficiency and profitability. Pixels, tiny pieces of code embedded on websites, play a crucial role in collecting user behavior data. They provide hosts with real-time information on how visitors interact with their sites, helping to optimize user experiences and content.

Website tracking takes this a step further by offering a comprehensive view of user journeys, enabling you and other hosts to fine-tune marketing strategies and tailor offerings to individual customer needs.

At Bookly we understand the impact behind data analytics and have designed our products accordingly. Through our products, hosts are empowered to enhance customer engagement, increase conversion rates, and stay competitive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.