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Bookly’s Web Template - for Shopify

Bookly’s Web Template - for Shopify

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Your Brand, Your Way.

Empowering You to quickly get up & running!  With Bookly’s Calendar Widget and Customizable Website Template option, the opportunity to establish independence and reduce dependency on third-party platforms has finally arrived.

Say “Goodbye” to the limitations of third-party platforms. Say “Hello” to your own independent website. Empowering you to quickly get up & running!

Bookly's 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee

  • We like to keep it pretty simple.  You can ask for a full refund up to 30 days after your purchase date.  All we ask is that you show us that you deleted the file, and we even show you how.

Get Started Today!

By building your own website you no longer need to allow third-party marketplace platforms to dictate your success.  Our website template is not required to make Bookly work. We offer it so that you can have a professional website setup in less than an afternoon.

  • Increase bookings... built for marketing!
  • Easy set up... built for the Bookly widget.
  • Limited time? Get up and running quickly.
  • Responsive human support & great guides.
  • Show off your property with video auto play.
  • Increase confidence... import guest reviews!

Scroll down to see all of the benefits!

Additional Costs

  • Shopify Plan (starts at $1 for the first months then $29/month)
  • Google Maps API (charges vary based on use but are usually less that $1/month)
  • URL through Name's Cheap (unless you already have one) Usually $12-20 / year
  • Bookly Booking Widget (The first month is free, then $30/month) 

Also Included (but wait theirs more!) 

  1. Website terms of service tailored for short term rentals
  2. Host Icon package (20+ icons) 
  3. House rules sample used by Akaydia
  4. Cancellation policies samples
  5. Bookly's 30 day Risk Free Guarantee

Key Features

(see the full details on the key features tab)

  1. Increase Bookings
  2. Easy Set Up
  3. Increase Customer Confidence
  4. Create Loyal Customers
  5. Limited time? No problem
  6. Get Quick Resolutions
  7. Show off your property
  8. Total Control
  9. Your data is yours! 
  10. Looks like you spent thousands
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Your properties, your rules, your success!

The vacation rental industry has witnessed significant growth over the past decade, thanks in large part to platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and

While these website platforms have provided rental property owners with a way to connect with travelers and manage bookings, they present substantial challenges and limitations to hosts- such as the absence of control, increased competition, and a lack of data ownership. 

Why did we build bookly? Click the button below!

We Live in a Data-Driven World.

Why are data analytics, reporting and insights key features and functionalities of Bookly’s Calendar Widget, and Website Template?

Data analytics, pixels, and website tracking offer a powerful trifecta of benefits for your rental property business. By tracking and monitoring the behavior of your guests and website traffic, you as a host will gain valuable insights that can increase your revenue and improve your overall business operations.

This powerful information allows you to uncover trends, identify customer preferences, and make data- driven decisions, ultimately improving efficiency and profitability. Pixels, tiny pieces of code embedded on websites, play a crucial role in collecting user behavior data. They provide hosts with real-time information on how visitors interact with their sites, helping to optimize user experiences and content.

Website tracking takes this a step further by offering a comprehensive view of user journeys, enabling you and other hosts to fine-tune marketing strategies and tailor offerings to individual customer needs.

At Bookly we understand the impact behind data analytics and have designed our products accordingly. Through our products, hosts are empowered to enhance customer engagement, increase conversion rates, and stay competitive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.