For the Week of June 10th

For the Week of June 10th

It's Gabriel Broomfield, founder of Bookly with your weekly update! Apologize for the missing update last week.


The Bookly app is in a good state. Currently all of our Alpha testers are up and using Bookly. One of our stores started an ad campaign last week and got a $1500+ booking with just $150 in ad spend. A great start with a great ROI!

This sprint (ending 6/23)

-The listing import/creation functionality has been a pain in the rear. We are very close luckily with a few of the major pain points' solution in hand late last night. This feature is for the Bookly Website Template

Do you have an existing website on Shopify?

Please reach out to me if you do have an existing Shopify website. We would like to get you started with Bookly.

Have a great week!
Gabriel Broomfield
Bookly's Founder


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