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The key tool for hosts seeking control, independence, and increased revenue!

  • Why Bookly

    • Control over your business
    • Increase revenue ... (no spoilers just yet)
    • Stop Playing by their rules!
    • Simple and intuitive design
    • Different levels of guidance
    • Promote ... (no spoilers just yet)
    • Data security with a US-based company
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  • About Us

    Meet Gabriel, Emily, and Scott. Starting with a halt in their Amazon business due to covid, pivoting to a booming face shield business and then to crafting luxury getaways under AKaydia. Searching endlessly for an efficient and simple booking website system. Now, they are crafting the tool they wished existed - Bookly

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  • Results

    “Within 4 ½ months we were able to get over $80,000 in bookings, filling up our calendar. We were able to finally implement meaningful advertising and see what it was doing, what was working, what wasn’t, and where we should be focusing to grow!”

    -Scenic Orchard

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Control & Independence:

  • Own Your Booking Process: With Bookly, ... (no spoilers just yet) sign up to learn more when we launch later this summer.
  • Data Security: Feel secure with a US-based company handling your data, minimizing risk and ensuring compliance.
  • Platform Independence: No platform lock-in means you're free to run your business as you see fit, maximizing. opportunities for success.

Revenue Growth & Efficiency:

  • Increase Revenue: ... (no spoilers just yet) sign up to learn more when we launch later this summer.
  • Track Campaigns for Growth: With Bookly, you have the capability to track your marketing efforts efficiently, helping you lower acquisition costs and boost occupancy rates.
  • Implement Meaningful Advertising: Direct insight into what works for your property, allowing you to invest your marketing budget effectively.

Simplicity & Ease of Use:

  • User-friendly Interface: Bookly offers a straightforward, intuitive design that makes set up easy, even for those less tech-savvy.
  • Simplified Pricing: Avoid hidden fees and complicated pricing structures with our straightforward, monthly subscription.
  • Accessible Customer Support: If you need assistance, our responsive customer support team is ready to help, making the process smooth and simple.

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