Customizable Website Template

Say “Goodbye” to the limitations of third-party platforms. Say “Hello” to your own independent website. Empowering you to quickly get up & running!

Your Brand, Your Way.

By building your own website you no longer need to allow third-party marketplace platforms to dictate your success.  Our website template is not required to make Bookly work. We offer it so that you can have a professional website setup in less than an afternoon.

With Bookly’s Calendar Widget and Customizable Website Template option, the opportunity to establish independence and reduce dependency on third-party platforms has finally arrived.  

Key Features

  1. Increase Bookings: Just like Bookly our template is setup to enable (pixels) tracking for your marketing campaigns! Track, analyze, & optimize your marketing automatically. We will also show you how to set these up!
  2. Easy Set Up: Built to showcase your property giving guests all of the information they have come to expect and then some. Also designed to effortlessly accommodate the Bookly widget.
  3. Increase Customer Confidence: The template uses familiar layout and web standards, so your site conveys quality and security. Also import past guest reviews from other platforms to showcase what others love about your property!
  4. Create Loyal Customers: -Increase repeat bookings by sending past guests offers to stay with you again. Turning your rental into a true business with increased value and security!
  5. Limited time? No worries, get up and running in just an afternoon following our step-by-step guides that walk you through ever process. Or if you prefer, have one of our specialists set up everything for you.
  6. Get Quick Resolutions: With our responsive human support our dedicated support team will assist you with any questions or issues, ensuring you have a smooth experience. 
  7. Show off your property: With video auto play your website will automatically play a short video. Also the template is just a starting point. You can add in whatever you want to show guests. Show off your favorite restaurants, surrounding points of interest, or even an interactive map. A picture may be worth 1000 words but a video has to be worth 1 million!
  8. Total Control: Create a website that reflects your unique style and appeals to your target market. Take control of everything, from your policies to the font (only if you want to).
  9. Your data is yours! Sorry I even have to say this. Your data is not our product. We use US based servers and are a US based company. As this template is just a file it does not need to connect to our servers, so it does not.
  10. Looks like you spent thousands: Not feeling creative? Don't hire a custom web design (they do cost thousands). Our template and choice of 5 different color pallets will be sure to make your place pop!

The vacation rental industry has witnessed significant growth over the past decade, thanks in large part to platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and White these website platforms have provided rental property owners with a way to connect with travelers and manage bookings, they present substantial challenges and limitations to hosts- such as the absence of control, increased competition, and a lack of data ownership. 

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