In a far away land a long time ago...

NO NO NO. Excuse me, while it may have felt like 2019 was a long time ago and a different world... I digress. Let me tell you the real story. It's far more interesting than some fairy tale.

It really got started with the giant Amazon's sudden prohibition on selling their home decor products. With their business ground to a halt, brother and sister duo (Gabriel & Emily) with a bit of luck and a lot of work launched a booming face shield business project.

Atlas with the need for face shields waning, they turned their attention to an old shipping container that in short order was transformed into a luxurious oasis surrounded by nature. Thus, launching Scenic Orchard in late 2020, their enchanting container-turned-tiny-home getaway. Emily's advertising and outreach fueled their rapid rise leading to the construction of a second tiny home, Hickory Outlook, completed near the end of 2021. 

However, not all was unicorns and rainbows!  The strategic advertising that was the staple
of their successful face shield venture was not possible on Airbnb and so the search for a self-controlled booking system began.  That was a long and vast journey that ultimately
ended in disappointment and failure.  Not a single solution out there could meet their seemingly simple criteria.  With the rough seas and constantly changing winds, err algorithms, of Airbnb & other marketplaces it was critical that a solution be found.

While Gabriel & Emily had been following their path on a separate trail there was someone working tirelessly, gaining knowledge and experience. By a turn in fortunes, fate pushed these two parties together and along came a longtime friend and the third hero on the journey, Scott a talented wizard, I mean coder. Scott was just getting into the short-term rental space and was agger to help craft the potion of freedom, self-control and security.

After some trying paths, fate once again smiled on the party. A chance encounter let Gabriel to meet Dylan a young wizard, err coder, with a great eye for esthetics & simple systems. This rounded out the adventuring party allowing them to conquer this and many future quests!

These four heroes are building the treasure that they could not find to share it with all!!!

  • Gabriel Broomfield

    Co-Founder and Captain

    At the age of 10 years old he started a small vending business to help pay for his flight lessons. Is at this time although he may not have known it that he learned of the freedom that being an entrepreneur could provide.


    He decided to forgo college and instead embarked on an entrepreneur’s journey that has seen him start up 8 businesses and countless projects. Some of these businesses were more teachers than successes.  Others did enjoy varying degrees of success with one even being sold. One of these was an E-waste recycling company that he and Scott started up and ran before Scott went off to RIT.


    He's been able to create and bring groundbreaking products to life. He personally designed the tiny homes of Akaydia that continually captivate guests.


    As a team leader, Gabe fosters a culture of collaboration, creativity, and accountability. Placing the customer at the heart of all decisions.


    Actively involved in community service, Gabe supports philanthropic initiatives aligned with his values & interests. He's a wiz in the kitchen, world explorer and perfectionists in the bakery.


    His vision for a simplified, efficient, and host-focused booking solution forms the bedrock of Bookly's mission.

  • Emily Broomfield

    Co-Founder and Marketing Guru

    Gabriel's younger sister. She's a Syracuse University Alumni turned entrepreneur. She is the dynamic and creative force behind Bookly. An innovator at heart, Emily is known for her attention to detail, exceptional eye for photography and her ability to execute impactful marketing.


    Starting her entrepreneurial journey with a successful home decor line on after graduating from SU, Emily quickly adapted during uncertain times and successfully transitioned to a booming face shield business. Her knack for understanding market trends and customer needs played a pivotal role in her success.


    She is the one that drove AKaydia to grow with her eye for esthetics and talent on social media.


    With the inception of Bookly, she is once again transforming her professional landscape. This time, turning her personal experience as a super host frustrated with limited and clunky tools, into a solution for others facing similar challenges.


    At Bookly, Emily oversees marketing and brand engagement, ensuring Bookly resonates with hosts and delivers on its promise of simplified, profitable hosting.


    Outside of work, Emily is an ardent world adventurer, enjoying travel to new places and exploring the natural beauty. Also, her search for the perfect cup of coffee might be an obsession.

  • Scott Baron

    Co-Founder and Coding Wizz

    A RIT software engineering graduate brings a robust blend of skills and experience to Bookly. Before joining Bookly, Scott managed and developed cyber security and defense software systems developed for the DoD.


    With a history of entrepreneurship, Scott co-founded an e-waste recycling company with Gabriel Broomfield after graduating high school. Their successful teamwork in the past has laid a strong foundation for their continued collaboration.


    Scott’s role at Bookly goes beyond just software development. His extensive cybersecurity training and drive for creating efficient and user-friendly software make him uniquely suited to ensure that Bookly offers a seamless, secure experience for hosts.


    In addition to his professional accomplishments, Scott is a host himself, renting out properties he's personally renovated.


    As an Eagle Scout, he led wilderness treks and continues to cherish those experiences found in nature. Scott has also led major fundraising efforts campaigns for the NYS Special Olympics.


    Outside the office, Scott is a proud pet parent and enjoys reconnecting with nature through hiking and exploration. He might be accussed of like computers and dogs more than people but is that really wrong?

  • Dylan Blier

    Dylan started his artistic journey in grade school when he started learning the violin. His creative endeavors didn't stop there. Before leaving high school, he discovered the magic of digital editing... musically and visually.


    It started with Photoshopping friends' faces onto celebrities... and it snowballed into him learning nearly every Adobe software offered.


    Dylan continued his creative journey throughout his college experience... studying photography, videography, web development, marketing, and finishing his BS in Communications & Information Design.

  • Your Name Here?

    Are you interested in joining the Bookly team? We are always interested in talking with those that are looking to build cool products that empower individuals with freedom, control, & security!

P.S. From Gabe: Why bother?

Three out of the eight businesses that I have run used online marketplace platforms: eBay, Amazon, and Airbnb.

With all three of these businesses, I saw how the marketplace company can easily control and even kill off one’s business. I found these go against all that I value with being an entrepreneur and business owner. Yes, they have advantages, and I took advantage of those, but I always came back to the feeling of being out of control. eBay shut my store down every few months and Amazon refused to receive our products in during covid (which I agree with their reason but that doesn't mean it didn't hurt our business).

Should it be then of any surprise then given the ever-changing Airbnb algorithm that I felt a familiar sense of insecurity and restriction? So, I partnered with Scott, Emily and Dylan to build out Bookly so that we could take back control of our rental businesses and gain the freedom, security and control that the promise land of Entrepreneurship offers.

Scott and Gabe cir. 2014

Early Days of EW Recycling

This picture shows Scott (left) and Gabriel (right) working on dismantling and rescuing computers in the early days of their E-waste recycling company.