Weekly Update for 5/20

It's Gabriel Broomfield, founder of Bookly with this week's update!


We started on and are continuing to work on user documentation to guide you through the creation of your direct booking website.


Please purchase your url's from an independent registrar like NamesCheap. This will save you so many headaches in the future and ensures that you can easily switch providers.

Launch Plans

Thank you to everyone that submitted an application for initial access. We are closing this for now and will start accepting new requests after the preliminary launch.

This sprint (ending 5/25)

  • Updates to the host portal are almost complete! Offering better user experience and expanded functionality.
  • We have been going back and forth with the PriceLabs integration team. We are excited to offer dynamic pricing integration, especially when paired with Bookly's visible daily pricing.
  • Backend functionality verification completed.

(we run a 2 week development cycle called a sprint)  

Have a great week!
Gabriel Broomfield
Bookly's Founder

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