Update for week ending 4/28/2024

Good day!

It's Gabriel Broomfield, founder of Bookly with your weekly update!

Shopify's Approval Status

Scott's work integrating with Shopify's checkout has wrapped up and we have submitted again to Shopify.  On Friday we received a video of them encountering a bug where the pay now button didn't pop up.  We tried replicated the issue and we even used the same test store as they had given us access to it.  We were not able to replicate what they encountered so we sent them a video recording and have requested more details. 

1st Round Access

Thank you to all of the applicants that have requested to be part of the 1st round of public access.  The first round we are going to limit to 25 individuals and we will let you know if you are selected when we get ready to launch it.  If you are interested, please fill out the short form by CLICKING HERE!

This sprint

(we run a 2 week development cycle called a sprint)

  • We are working on the integration with PriceLabs (a popular dynamic pricing solution).  More news on this we will share next week.
  • Also being worked on is the import functionality that I talked about last week. In combination with the template the app will allow you to import writeups, host data, and reviews from both Airbnb & VRBO.  This will allow you to get up and running very quickly.  We are looking forward to doing some time trials! 
  • Lastly, we are in the process of adding a tax functionality for all of you that have to deal with occupancy/hotel/bed tax (or whatever else they may call it).  Shopify can handle sales tax easily but there wasn't a good way to handle a town/city/county level tax.  So, we are building that.  

Bookly Website Template

The web template was completed last week. You can take a look by clicking HERE!

We have been working on a privacy policy and terms of use which have now been completed.  These documents are tailored for short term rentals and will come free for anyone that purchases the template!  Speaking of free stuff we are also going to be giving away our guest agreement, house rules, & cancellation policy options.


So, you may have noticed that this didn't come out on the normal day.  Well, you definitely know now.  I was hoping that we would get confirmation from Shopify later Tuesday or possibly Wednesday, so I was holding off on sending this out.  At last, we have yet to hear back so I may end up sending out next week's update slightly early when we get the good news! 

Have a great week!
Gabriel Broomfield


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