Update for week ending 4/21/2024

Good day!

It's Gabriel Broomfield, founder of Bookly with an update and some fun announcements!  

A few weeks back we had submitted Bookly to Shopify for their approval and not all has been smooth sailing. We had the app setup to allow you to link your stripe account for payments, but they didn't like that. So, Scott has been hard at work integrating with Shopify's checkout procedure.

While we have not yet re-submitted the app, I believe we will be able to later this week!

Once the application is approved by Shopify then we will be able to begin our 1st round of public access. So, with anticipation of that here is the link to apply. I apologize for the couple of duplicate questions. CLICK HERE

We have been exploring integrations with various services that hosts commonly use. We already are working on PriceLabs (a popular dynamic pricing solution). We also talked with SuperHog last week as they provide guest ID verification, a security deposit and security waiver solution, along with insurance coverage up to $5 million.

If this or other integrations would be beneficial to you, please reply to this email with which ones you are looking for.

Moving away from the Bookly widget.

The web template is now complete!!! You can take a peak at it HERE!

In combination with the template the app will allow you to import writeups, host data, and reviews from both Airbnb & VRBO. We are so excited about this feature as that should allow you to get your own website setup from zero to hero in less than an hour!

Have a great week!
Gabriel Broomfield


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