Increase your profits!

Let's do some simple math! 

The current rate that Airbnb charges guests is over 15%!!! 

So let's do some simple math.  If you are charging $200 per night on a 5 night booking Airbnb is then charging the guest $150.  That is money you could be using.  Using to attract customers and/or increase your profits. 

You could spend $50 in advertising to acquire a new customer, offer them a 5% savings, and still be collecting $50 more profit!  Now multiple that by say 50, what do you get?  

An advertising budget of $2,500
Customer savings of $2,500
Increase profits of $2,500 

Yes, this is simple math and there is some cost in having your own booking solution, but I hope you can see where this path is leading! 

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