Increase Up Selling - another listings worth of income instantly!

Yesterday I talked with Chris the owner of Evergreen Cabins of Remsen NY.

We got talking shop and something really interesting came up in our conversation.  He was talking about up sell packages that he offers to his guests. 

Not a particularly new concept to many hosts, I am sure.  We have been offering various up-sell packages to guests staying at Akaydia for several years including romance packages, massages etc. 

What I found fascinating was how many of Chris's guests were purchasing those up sells...  7 out of 10!!!

Now that's incredible.  Heck at that rate it's like having another listing.  

So how does he do it?  What make his guests 7 times more likely than ours to purchase an upsell?  

It comes down to delivery.  How he gets his guests to view his offers.  He uses a software called TypeForm.  It's basically just a drag and drop form builder that allows you to create logic flows.  

So how does he leverage these forms?  Very simply.  After a guest books a stay he sends them a message saying that their reservation is nearly complete, and they just need to complete this form to finalize the booking. 

On this initial form he asks the guest for their information, contact info, how they discovered him, and finally offering them these various up-sells which they can easily pay for directly through TypeForm. 

Not only is this brilliant for increasing up-sells but it allows for the collection of guest information through marketplace bookings.  

Thank you and Catch you next time!
Gabriel Broomfield
Bookly - Founder

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