3 critical reasons why you need a good Privacy policy!

Do you even have one?

When I first created a website, I didn't give a privacy policy a second's thought.

I realized that we needed one after we got rejected for not having it.  We were setting up Facebook advertising and one of the things that they check is if your website has a privacy policy.  

Luckily, we were able to put one in and update the submission with Facebook.  So without that privacy policy in place, we would have missed out on tens of thousands in sales. 

Now days it's pretty easy to get a generic templated policy put in.  Shopify even has an option for this.  Although I would say a policy that is tailored to your industry is better.

1: Improved SEO

While your privacy policy doesn't directly impact the search algorithm not having a policy can significantly hurt your overall performance.  Likely it will lower the position you would have otherwise shown up at.  This will likely continue with AI search taking over the traditional search bar. 

2: Protection

Your terms of service and privacy work together to form the foundation of your legal base of the website.  Not having either of these is like having a sign on your back that says, "kick me".  It opens a door for sue happy customers or visitors to your website.  

3: Advertising

This is the biggest reason that I make sure that we have a privacy policy in place.  Being able to generate and send traffic to your own website is the gateway "drug" to business freedom. 

I can't image doing business without having this ability, but I remember several times in the past when I did.  It was like trying to play a sport with one hand tied behind your back, and I am not athletically talented to begin with lol. 

It's more likely than not that any online advertising you do will check out your privacy policy.  So, what are you waiting for? 

Have a great week!
Gabriel Broomfield
Bookly's Founder

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